• Planes de paleotraining
  • Planes de paleotraining
  • Planes de paleotraining
  • Planes de paleotraining
  • iPALEO

    If you can not go to your Official PaleoGym© you can also access to PaleoTraining ™ Food and Training Method  and continue with your return to a healthy state.

    Do PaleoTraining with iPaleo and smile again to your life!!! Ask for your iPaleo access at  your PaleoGym r and you will have a  personalized planning.

    From € 25 / month
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  • BE P60

    If you want to start in Paleotraining and you do not have a nearby PaleoGyml, request a personalized and customized P60, and test the change that gives your health and fitness with 60 days of daily training and menu.

    Run your daily sessions through your iPaleo with which you will feel totally guided.

    1€ / day

    Start your return to a healthy state with an “old” but new Method of Nutrition and Training, PaleoTraining and get results in a few days.

    Try PaleoTraining !!! Join a box and save your life with paleo !!!

    from 60€/ month

    Manages the daily workouts of your PaleoBox and generates customized programs for all your users.

    You can generate: Personalized plans, test Week Tests, Nutrition plans and manage it from your extranet comfortably.

    Register your room today

    From 250€ / month
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  • Airam Fernández Pérez

    Founder & CEO Paleo&Co.

  • Carlos Pérez

    Founder & Nutritión Advisor Paleo&Co.

  • David Vargas

    Founder and Education Advisor Paleo&Co.

  • Xavi Cañellas

    Founder & Event Advisor Paleo&Co.

  • Nestor Sánchez

    Founder and APP Advisor Paleo&Co.

  • Dr. Paris Fernández

    Founder & Medical Chief Paleo&Co


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